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We are happy about every donation. Even small amounts help.

Here are some examples:

10 euros: A used dictionary German - Vietnamese

20 euros: a set of teaching materials

50 euros: an external examination fee, e.g. at the Goethe-Institut Hanoi

100 euros: One monthly fee for German lessons

The donations are tax deductible.

The non-profit status has been confirmed by the responsible tax office in Göppingen by letter dated May 11, 2015 (notification of assessment).

Donation account: Girobank FIDOR Munich IBAN: DE98 7002 2200 0020 0483 79 BIC: FDDODEMMXXX

As a sustaining member, you have access to young Vietnamese who are interested in training to become geriatric nurses and who already have sufficient and tested knowledge of German for a three-year training in Germany

In addition, sponsoring members are involved in lobbying work in both countries on request and can make suggestions for the further expansion of bilateral educational cooperation and projects in the health and care sector

Last but not least, the sponsoring members are informed by newsletter about current developments and legal decisions regarding the acquisition of nursing staff from non-EU countries

Companies, legal entities, corporations under public law, foundations and associations in particular from the field of health care, geriatric care facilities and geriatric care training are welcome as supporting members.

The annual fee is at least 500 euros, which is used for meeting purposes. The contribution in this amount also applies retrospectively for the year of entry of the trainee.

Since does not charge any commission from future trainees, an annual contribution of 500 euros is expected for each trainee for the duration of the training. Only in this way can all services in Vietnam - retrospectively - and during the training for our non-profit organization be presented.

An informal letter with details of the contact person and further contact details (name, address, telephone, bank details) is sufficient as an application. After a successful examination in one of the monthly board meetings you will receive a confirmation of admission.

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