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"Association for the Promotion of Nursing Education in Vietnam eV"

Short form:

Articles of Association of August 1st, 2014. /
Changed Articles of Association of November 8, 2014
Changed Articles of Association of November 24, 2014

§ 1 Name, seat, business year
§ 2 purpose
§ 3 Members - voting, sponsoring and honorary members
§ 4 Entry of Members
§ 5 membership fee
§ 6 Termination of Membership
§ 7 organs of the association
§ 8 General Assembly
§ 9 Board of Directors
§ 10 Consortium
§ 11 Dissolution of the Association

§ 1 Name, seat, business year

(1) The association bears the name:

"Association for the Promotion of the Training of Nursing Staff in Vietnam eV" in short

(2) The association is based in Lauterstein Friedhofstr. 48

(3) The business year is the calendar year.

§ 2 purpose

(1) The purpose of the association is to promote the training of nurses (nursing and care for the elderly) in Vietnam.

The purpose of the statutes is particularly realized through support and funding
a three-semester preparatory course at Trung Vuong University Vietnam and
other universities in Vietnam that, for example, offer direct admission to the German /
Austrian and Swiss training system for geriatric nurses enabled
or registered nurses in Vietnam through the acquired
Language skills provide direct access to the job market in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland made possible. Funding takes place primarily through the takeover of
personal / impersonal training sponsorships through sponsoring memberships of
Nursing and geriatric care providers in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland. Other similar and alternative funding projects are being developed.

(2) The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of
Section “tax-privileged purposes” of the tax code.

(3) As an interest group, it represents the interests of both the trainees and the trainees
of the supporting members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland not for commercial purposes and
not just temporarily. In line with these goals, the association also advocates dismantling
legal and bureaucratic hurdles related to access to
Labor markets, acceptance of degrees and flexible granting of
A residence permit in order to overcome the "care shortage" in Germany in the medium and long term,
To mitigate Austria and Switzerland.

(4) The association works with the media to achieve its goals
Educational institutions and together with such institutions and bodies that
Support the tasks, purpose and goals of the association.

(5) To achieve its goals and tasks, the association can make donations and public
Use grants. Funding takes place primarily through the takeover of
personal / impersonal training sponsorships through sponsoring memberships of
Providers of nursing and geriatric care training in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

(6) The purpose of the articles of association is achieved in particular by:

o Financial support for the preparatory courses at universities in Vietnam
o Coordination with training providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
o Provision of e-learning and training modules in Vietnamese language
o Cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations (if not for profit) through financial and non-material support for programs and measures.

(7) The association is selflessly active; it does not primarily pursue economic purposes.

(8) Such donations and other allocations grow to the association's assets
Directly to third parties who are expressly intended to do so.

(9) Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes.
The members do not receive payments from the association.

(10) No person may, through expenses that are foreign to the purpose of the association,
or are favored by disproportionately high remuneration. Expenditure,
that are disbursed for the association are to be reimbursed.

§ 3 Members - voting, sponsoring and honorary members

(1) The type of membership is determined in the admission procedure (see §4).

(2) Members entitled to vote can only be natural persons. The
Members entitled to vote have those granted to association members by law
Powers, insofar as they are not assigned to a special organ of the association by these statutes.

(3) Supporting members can be natural or legal persons. They support the
Association through training sponsorships. You have from the legal
Membership rights only a right to information - but only to the extent that it does not
violates or disproportionately the interests of the association and the required confidentiality
Costs are incurred - and a right of proposal that covers all matters of the association.

(4) Honorary members: Selected persons can in special individual cases from
Board of Directors to be appointed honorary members. These people are said to be outstanding
Have earned merits in the sense of the objectives of the association and through their
Appointments can support the association in its external impact. Are honorary members
exempt from the obligation to pay membership fees and have no voting rights.

§ 4 Entry of Members

(1) Voting members: Any natural person can be eligible to vote
that affirms the goals of the association. The decision on admission is based on a written decision
Request from the board.

(2) Supporting members: Anyone who is willing to meet the goals of the association can become a supporting member
promote and sponsor training. For the admission is an informal
to send a written application to the board. The entry fee as a sponsor is
500 euro. The sponsoring members form a "consortium", which is a team
appointed by at least three speakers and in the role of an advisory board
Advisory board on the content of the training and the use of funds.
Further details (individual contribution, provision of an employment contract and
Preliminary clarification of the priority check of local employment services) are within a
Year after the founding of the association in agreement with the consortium.
The assumption of a sponsorship is basically a charitable donation
understand and associated with no consideration.

§ 5 membership fee

The contributions of the members entitled to vote are determined by the general meeting
fixed. The annual amount is 50 euros.

§ 6 Termination of Membership

Membership ends with a written declaration of resignation, exclusion from the association or
Death / liquidation. There are no deadlines for declaration. When leaving, the obligation to
Payment of the membership fee for the current financial year exist. The exclusion
of a member can in particular because of gross violation of the interests of the association
or if there is a premium arrears of two calendar years. Objection to the
The decision of the board about the exclusion of a member can be made by the
General meeting can be inserted. This ultimately decides with easier
Majority. All premium arrears must be paid.

§ 7 organs of the association

(1) Organs of the association are:

1. the general assembly

2. the board of directors

3. the consortium

§ 8 General Assembly

(1) General meetings take place at least once a year. You are further
to convene if this is necessary in the interests of the association or a fifth of all
voting members in writing and stating the reason from the board of directors
Convocation required.

(2) General meetings do not have to take place at the location of the association.
There is a quorum if more than 10% of the voting members represent
are. If there is no quorum according to this provision, the meeting will
closed. Immediately afterwards - without the need for a separate invitation
requires - a new general meeting will take place without regard to a
Quorum has a quorum. Resolutions are also passed without a meeting of the members
permissible if the absolute majority of the members approves the resolution in writing. The
The regulation in paragraph (4) remains unaffected.

(3) General meetings are notified by the board of directors
convened. This can only be done in writing by post or email. The notice period
is three weeks (date of postmark or email time stamp). The invitation to
a second general meeting according to paragraph 2 sentence 4 must already be with the board
the invitation to the first, previous general meeting.
The agendas must be identical.

(4) The general assembly generally decides with a simple majority of
votes cast by the members entitled to vote. In the event of a tie, a
Application refused. The right to vote can be given for a general meeting
including an affiliate general meeting in accordance with Section 8 (2) to another
Voting member will be transferred in writing, with a voting member
Member may only accept one additional vote. To change the statutes is a
Majority of three quarters to change the purpose of the association and to dissolve the
Association requires a majority of four fifths of the votes cast.

(5) Minutes are to be made of the general meeting, which is to be drawn up by the
The chairperson of the meeting and the secretary must be signed.
Resolutions are stating the place and time of the meeting as well as the
Record voting results.

(6) The board of directors is generally authorized by the general assembly to
Changes to the statutes, which are required by the local court and / or to obtain the
Charities are required without calling any additional
To carry out the general meeting immediately. A corresponding decision by
General assembly is not required in individual cases.

(7) At the request of a board member, general meetings can be held by video / skype
Conference to be held.

§ 9 Board of Directors

(1) The board consists of a maximum of three members. The first chairman is
sole power of representation. For the other members of the board, the statutory one applies
Regulation, according to which the association by the majority of the board members, ie "two
together ”is represented. The board gives itself written rules of procedure.

(2) The board is elected for a period of three years and remains until a new election
in office. Board members can only become members of the association who are entitled to vote. The
Re-election is possible. A board member is elected if there is an absolute majority
who receives votes present. In particular, the following are elected: A chairman, a
Deputy and a treasurer.

(3) The board is responsible for the management of the association and the implementation of the
Resolutions of the general assembly. The board of directors can appoint a management
which is classified as a maximum of pay group E 15.

(4) The board of directors takes its decisions in board meetings. In individual cases
Resolutions in writing by email or post - but then only with an absolute one
Majority of board members - to be caught.

(5) The board of directors according to §26 BGB are the chairperson, the deputy and the
Treasurer. They represent the association in this order, with the
Inability to do so does not have to be proven.

§ 10 Consortium

(1) With the admission of a natural or legal person as a supporting member
at the same time establishes a voting right in the consortium.

(2) The consortium advises the board of directors on the use of funds and the desired
Training content. Further rights and obligations are given at the constituent meeting
of the consortium.

§ 11 Dissolution of the Association

If the association is dissolved or its tax-privileged purposes no longer apply
Assets of the association to a legal person under public law or another
tax-privileged corporation for the purpose of promoting education, popular and
Vocational training and by promoting the training of nurses in Germany.

Lauterstein, November 24, 2014

The board of directors

+++ from August 10, 2016: Unanimous membership decision, according to which the purpose of the statutes was expanded to include dual vocational training in shortage occupations on the Postitvliste.

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