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The platform "" is a non-profit start-up founded in 2013 by German and Vietnamese university teachers, entrepreneurs and private individuals based in Lauterstein and Hanoi.

Its goal is to promote the training of skilled workers in Vietnam in order to attract high school graduates for further training in the German labour market. There is an annual shortage of up to 400,000 skilled workers, primarily in nursing and hospitals, but also in the catering trade, hotel and restaurants and crafts and technical professions. On the other hand, highly motivated young people in Vietnam are looking for serious and internationally recognised vocational training followed by a crisis-proof job guarantee. Since its founding, more than 350 trainees have been placed from Vietnam to Germany.


The focus of the association's work in Vietnam is - after a careful selection of potential applicants - the profound teaching of German language skills at least up to language level B1 as well as initial preparation for the training occupations through relevant internships. Together with a network of partner organisations and language schools in Vietnam, we help with visa applications and organise all the formalities in Germany, such as the recognition of degrees,certificates and high school diplomas. If required, six-month intensive language courses with integration seminars and practical phases are offered prior to the training.


- informs: We provide up-to-date reports on dual training in German-speaking countries. We focus on health professions, gastronomy, crafts, and technical professions.

- collects donations and funding: The non-profit organisation "Verein zur Förderung der Fachkräfte-Ausbildung in Vietnam" (Association for the Promotion of Vocational Training in Vietnam) provides funds through membership fees and sponsorships that flow to Vietnamese educational institutions. Some of the donations are used to maintain contacts and communicate with suitable training providers in Europe; the majority is used for support during the training.


- e.V. provides support: On arrival in Germany, we organise pick-ups and transfers from various airports together with external service providers; arrange accommodation and act as a moderator in the event of problems and crises during the training.

- e.V. improves the access of applicants from third countries through lobbying at the federal and state levels and relevant committees and makes proposals to reduce the bureaucracy of procedures under immigration law.


For more up-to-date information, visit or call +49 7332 922050 or

Professor Winfried Hüttl

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